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The fusion took place in a mother's womb
A Spirit was born in a physical cocoon
With a slap on the back he learned how to cry
Now he must learn to laugh in his life

He's brought to his home and whenever he cries
He's put in a swing, the wind up kind
A bottle and toys will take up his time
And the CD player sings him nursery rhymes

(chorus)   Oh Automatic Child I hear your cry,
Oh automatic child
Oh Automatic Child I hear your cry,

He learned about life from watching a TV
Left all alone and he's soon on the streets
Dropped out of school, and not even missed
with no guidance he's quickly dismissed  

He joins with a gang cold , ruthless and hard
Carried a gun won't let down his guard
A bottle and toys still take up the time
jail is home cause no one had time


It could have been different right from the start
If someone had given some love from the heart
The measure of love that's given when reared
Will show in a life by the fruits they bear


Copyright 1990 Written By: James & Kerri Hunt