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Blue Jean Graffiti are you looking' for fun?
Zephyr Gypsy's making recipes mix them all into one.
Dark shadows in the shallow mud, reflect off black mirrored shades.
Dragon flies building sand castles, that just melt down in the rain

(chorus) One who's riding on three horses said
"Stay on the path of the rose"
And think about what wasn't said
You'll be back for some more.

It's the season of reason spinning gold from the flax.
Whispers from the "Silent Books" tell us not to look back.
Da'gone fish tried to swallow me, but threw me up on the beach.
It's really hot like it or not got no time for cold feet.


My hero's on a journey, dance to the mystical drum.
Jack in the green is making the scene, a Rainbow under the Sun.
The unknown soldier's forty two today, a vision's passion shining bright.
An attitude of gratitude, it sure does better my life.


Copyright By: James & Kerri Hunt 1992,1993