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They were hungry, did you feed them?
They were thirsty, did you give them a drink?
They were strangers, did you help them?
They were needy, did you give for free?

(chorus)   Hungry one so weary and torn.
Tired eyes reveal the hard times borne
Lonely feelings, emptiness, scared,
Pain, and hurt, living life in fear.

They were naked, did you clothe them?
They were homeless, did you take them in?
They were hated, did you love them?
They were blinded, did you help them see?


(bridge)    Charity is love in action.
Idle intentions won’t make them whole.
America, Lady Liberty’s shouting.
"Go and help your tired, hungry and poor".


They were suffering, did you heal them?
They were tired, did you offer strength?
When they reached out, did you reach in?
If you couldn’t, did you even pray?



Reach out and really touch somebody.
Show them the Spirit of the "Red, White and Blue".
America, Lady Liberty’s shouting.
"Go and help our tired, hungry and poor

Copyright By: James & Kerri Hunt 1990,1993