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It's been a long and crazy day
Seems like nothin' ever goes my way
I can't believe what I've got to do
Just to keep this body tickin'

Battlin' demons, rise up inside
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
face it all if I want to live
Do you hear me are you listening

(chorus) Yeah, I'm still alive, I Made it through and I survived
Yeah, I'm still alive, so much to do I'll never die

‘Bout to cross that fine time line
Between the past and the present, Oh, My-My
Don't know where I'm going to
I'll let you know when I get there 

I dreamed of flyin' through the sky
On a moonless night, I was soaring high
Clouds reflecting the light that glows
A mystical journey that unfolds


(bridge) I crossed the line and I came back, Oh Glory
I've seen the light and testify
You have a part in making dreams come true
Your dreams are real, it's up to you

Man I woke up when I found
That here and now goes round and round
Doesn't matter where we're going to
Because we'll get there when we get there

You'll know you've crossed that fine time line
Between the past and the present when you find
That happiness is where its at
It don't get finer than that man


(bridge) [Choir round of bridge & chorus, repeat to fade out]

Written By: James & Kerri Hunt (Copyright1998)