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Monkey beat, you want to make it feel good
The drums are playing for you, the're made of hollow wood
Monkey sees, it hears, might tell on you
It took its hat off to you, now what'cha gonna do?

(chorus) Livin' with the monkey beat, mumbo jumbo in the trees
Livin' with the monkey beat, Hoodoo Voodoo in the jungle heat

The monkeys' groovin', when it can ride on you
The monkeys' rulin', now who belongs in the Zoo

The monkey beat, it's swinging from the trees
Don't grab it by the tail cause, it may never leave
The monkey beat, who does the tricks for who?
The natives are so restless, what will the children do?


(bridge) MON-KEY SE--------------------EE, MONKEY DO-----------------------OO (4 times)
(over bridge children sing) See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil, Monkey Beat

The monkey beat, keeps hittin' hollow wood
It makes them go bananas, cause fruits it's favorite food
The children see, they hear, and speak the truth
I'll ask you one more time now, what'cha gonna do?


(bridge 8 times)

Copyright 1994 Written by James & Kerri Hunt