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In the pink and the white I could see
Floatin' light up on high
Not a stroke moving out of place
A message in the sky

Hieroglyphics up above
In a language lost long ago
I wish I knew what they knew back then
So I could figure it out

(chorus) And the message is the same
You know its never changed
The message is the same
As its always been

The path we're on is long and wide
And it narrows as the years go by
Life can be hard or soft on you
Some say it's all in your mind

Now a, Universal energy
Illuminates our lives you see
No more pain, no more suffering
No more hate, and no more lies

(bridge) I hear them calling, come dance with me
Lets make your dreams into a reality
Just keep on dancin' into the light
And don't forget the message in the sky


Written By: James & Kerri Hunt (Copyright1998)