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My Prayer

Sitting here O' God, thinking of my past.
All the things I've done, it seems they did not last.
You took away my sins and set me free.
You came into my life and gave me peace.

How can you love me when I sin constantly?
Always saying please give your grace to me.
I don't understand the love you have for me.
All I want to do now is praise you eternally

Reflecting back in time to the memories of the cross.
Your body badly beat and your heart it hurt so much.
You set me free like an eagle in the sky.
You give me peace like the quite of the night, oh yes.

Oh my Lord I pray that I can be like you.
Every step in faith, just like you'd want me to.
My God I'm crying out please help me see.
I want to do your will, I want to be. . .

The image of your Son who died upon the cross.
Who gave his life for all and counted every cost.
He set me free like an eagle in the sky.
Gave me peace and serenity in my life. Amen.

Copyright 1987 Written by James Hunt