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I walked to a quite place, where no one could be found
Far from that city race, quite all around
I sat below a small oak tree, the grass was soft and green
And watched a brook flow calmly by, a bird began to sing

   (chorus) O' what beauty
Our God has created in love for us
O' What Love

I closed my eyes, fell asleep, and I began to dream
A narrow path I traveled long, an angel guiding me
We came before a golden throne, with angels all around
He looked into the book of life, and spoke these words out loud

  (bridge) Worthy are you to enter in, to the Kingdom of the Lord
God had pardoned all your sins, as he promised in with His word
For you have lived by faith, sealing your total fate

He put a crown upon my head, and led me to a gate
As I walked in, a crowd met me, they were rejoicing all the way
we sat and ate a giant feast, we all we're breaking bread
And singing songs about our God, how faithful he has been


Copyright 1984 Written by James Hunt