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Here we go again and my eyes are full of tears
Tried to tell you long ago but you didn't seem to care
And I can feel those tears again welling up inside
I want so much to trust in you, you make me wanna cry

(chorus) Tell me what does it take to prove that I love you
Why can't you trust in me it's real
And how long must I keep it locked up inside
When will you feel what I feel

I tried forgetting what you did it hurts me just the same
It's not so much the things you do, it's more the things you say
Never thought it’d be this way, where did it go all wrong
I miss the way it was at first, I'm tryin’ to be strong


Instrumental Solo

It doesn't have to be this way remember how it was
Our dreams and hopes and promises to share our lives as one
I'll try to hold on one more day so we can work it out
Please take the time to listen now, and put aside your doubts


repeat last line of chorus 1x

Written By: James & Kerri Hunt (Copyright1992, 1993)